2-Step Verification Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2-step verification (2SV)?

2-step verification (2SV) will replace the current personal security questions that you are asked when you log in to online or mobile banking. It is a more secure and user-friendly way to identify our members.

Who will be impacted by this?

2SV will impact all members who use Kawartha Credit Union’s online/mobile banking services (MemberDirect and MemberDirect for Small Business). Once 2SV is available, the online/mobile log in will look a bit different:

How does 2-step verification work?

When a log in is identified as higher risk, you will be presented with a screen advising that a verification code has been sent via SMS text or email.

Is enrollment for 2-step verification mandatory?

Yes, all members who use Kawartha Credit Union’s online/mobile banking services must enroll.

When does this become available to Kawartha’s members?

2SV will be available starting on Tuesday, January 10. We suggest that you enroll as soon as you are able, but you can choose to enroll at a later date, up until March 7, 2023.

If I decide to enroll at a later date, will I be prompted to enroll at every log in?

Yes, you will be prompted at every log in until enrollment is complete.

Will I still be required to keep my security questions in place on my online banking profile?

No. The 2SV code sent by text or email will replace your security questions. You will be prompted to enter this code as often as you are currently asked your security questions.

How do I enroll for 2-step verification?

You will enter your current log in ID (your MemberCard or Access Only Card number and password). If a log in ID has been saved on a device, it will need to be re-entered when you log in after the January 10 launch date. Have your Member Card or Access Only Card number and password handy. After 2SV enrollment, members may save their log in ID by selecting “Remember Me.”

Where do I find my Access Only Card Number?

Members who do not have a physical MemberCard will want to ensure that you have your Access Only Card number and password ready for when 2SV becomes available on Tuesday, January 10. To retrieve this from your online banking profile follow steps below.

Once you have logged in, you will find your Member Card/Access Only Card number here:

NOTE: Members who have multiple memorized cards should follow the instructions on the following page to retrieve your Member Card/Access Only Card numbers.

If you have more than one memorized account (e.g. shared family computer, a business signor with multiple logins) your number will display as follows:

Select “Manage Memorized Accounts”:

Can I register for 2-step verification via both SMS and email?

Yes. However, during the initial enrollment you must choose SMS text or email. After enrollment, you can add the second notification channel by updating your contact information in the Profiles and Preferences section of online/mobile banking.

Will 2-step verification need to be done at every log in after enrollment?

No. 2SV will only be triggered when a log in meets a specific risk threshold (such as logging in from a different device, using public networks, or unusual account activity). If you log in from a frequently-used home device you would not likely be asked for verification. Mobile users may be asked more often based on location.

How many attempts do I get to verify a code before I get locked out?

Three attempts. After the third failed attempt, you will be locked out.

How do I get an account unlocked?

To unlock and account, please call Kawartha Credit Union’s Contact Centre 1-855-670-0510.

What if I don’t have a cell phone number or email address?

2-step verification requires a cell phone number or email address. If you don’t have an email address, a free email account can be set up through Google or Hotmail. Where this is not an option, telephone banking can be used as an alternative to online or mobile banking. Telephone banking can be reached 24/7 at 1-888-743-9966 and Press 1 for Telephone Banking.

What should I do if I can’t access the mobile phone or email where the verification code is being sent?

You will need to call the Contact Centre and ask to initiate the ‘unenroll’ process. You can enroll again at your next log in.

How long does it take to receive a verification code?

Verification codes should arrive almost immediately by text. If the code does not arrive within 2 minutes, click the 'send new code' option. Email takes a bit longer and you may need to check your junk and spam folders. After your initial enrollment in 2SV, both text and email notifications can be set up if desired.

How long is a verification code valid ?

The verification code is valid for 10 minutes from the time it is generated.

Will enrollment in 2-step verification affect any of my current digital banking settings or configurations?

Yes. Configurations/settings such as enabling Biometric Setup (Face/Touch ID options), Quick View on the Mobile app, and the ‘Remember Me’ option in online banking will need to be reset.

Have question or need help?

Connect with us at 1-855-670-0510 or contact.centre@kawarthacu.com