Banking System Upgrade Ahead!

We are excited to announce that we are upgrading our computer banking system in November. Like any business, we must occasionally make changes to improve the quality of our products and services. The advanced technology this new system offers will enable us to provide you with improved service and enhanced security.

To help you understand all the exciting changes coming your way, we’ve put together a comprehensive booklet. Please ensure you read this fully to learn about how these changes will impact you. Members will be receiving a copy of this booklet in the mail at the end of October.

Our computer banking system upgrade will take place from Monday November 19 (after business hours) to Thursday November 22, 2018 (before business hours). Throughout this time period our branches will be open to provide advice, answer questions, and take applications for various services such as credit cards, lending and investments, but we will not be able to conduct financial transactions for you.

Please review the following Service interruptions chart to avoid any surprises.

Service Interruptions

How to prepare.

Please review the list of things to do below before November 19th.

Please review the detailed instructions on how to login to online, mobile and telephone banking from November 22 and beyond in the Roadmap for Members booklet (pages 16 to 18) that will be mailed to members.

Have questions?

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand what’s happening.