Member Alert – Fraudulent text messages asking for a password change

Fraud attempts are often sent through text messages, social media and by cell or land line phone calls. Many fraud attempts ask people to reset their passwords by visiting a website address that looks very similar to one they often use. You should never provide sensitive or confidential information such as your Social Insurance Number, online banking password, or account numbers by text, email or phone unless you are certain who you are dealing with or speaking to. Any message that shows Kawartha’s web address with a hyphen or odd spelling should be deleted immediately. You can further protect yourself by never using a link to reach our online banking website. Access online banking only by typing into your browser search bar.

You can use Online Banking Alerts to detect possible fraud. Receive notifications regarding your account activity through email, text or both.

Ensure that you select alerts for login, transfers and bill payments. With these alerts in place, you will know if someone attempts to log into your account, tries to transfer money from your account, or attempts to do a bill payment.

Set up your alerts by:

  • Logging into Online Banking
  • Clicking on Messages and Alerts in the left-hand Navigation Bar
  • Clicking on Manage Alerts.