Additional Services

For everything you need to know about our services and fees, view our Additional Services & Fees brochure.

Your business reflects your hard work, your dreams, aspirations and your commitment to making a difference in the community. At Kawartha Credit Union, we are committed to delivering solutions to meet the banking needs of your business. Below is a list of our business specific services to meet your needs.

Automated Funds Transfer - CAFT

The Customer Automated Funds Transfer (CAFT) program is a convenient, flexible and low cost way for business members and organizations to distribute direct deposits (payroll) or process pre-authorized debits (taxes, membership fees, donations) electronically to other financial institutions. Pricing is volume driven at a rate per payment and a monthly fee for file release. There is a one-time set up and training fee. Please contact our branch representatives to request product information.

Night Deposit

We provide Night Depository which allows you to safely deposit cash or cheque items through a secured mail slot.

Foreign Exchange Services

If you are planning a business trip, visit one of our branches today to take advantage of the following foreign exchange services:
  • US cash or drafts (large transactions may require notice)
  • Immediate US exchange available at all branches
  • Other currencies may be available upon request, given 5 days notice