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October 11 - Credit Union of Canada Phishing Scam

It has come to our attention that a member of a Canadian credit union has received an email from “Credit Union Canada” (please note that they are not using the correct name) requesting personal and work information, including their SIN number as a standard ‘security update’.

The email includes a request that this information be provided via an attachment rather than be updated directly on their online account or within a branch.

Please note that Canadian Central would NEVER contact a client directly to request personal information.

This is the email the credit union member received:

Dear CU Client,

As the online banking security software keeps evolving, it is of utmost importance that you keep your information with Credit Union always up to date.

In-line with the latest banking security, you are required to periodically update your profile informations.

To update, you should download the attached html update file and open it with your favourite internet browser. Follow the instructions and click on continue. Attached update file is named 'credit_union_update.html'

Data loss and breach of online banking security is imminent if this update is not applied.

Thanks for Banking with Us Credit Union Canada.

Should you receive this request for personal information, please:

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