Stages of Your Life

Financial Information for every stage of your life

No matter where you are in life, strengthening your financial knowledge will give you the confidence you need to build a secure future.

Starting Off

Three students at a table in a study group.

Whether you’re pursuing a post-secondary education or getting your first full-time job, this is the time to manage debt, understand credit scores, and start practicing good financial habits that will follow you though life. Building a solid foundation early will help shape your financial future. 

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Young Indian family playing Jenga on the living room floor.


There’s no shortage of stresses on your finances. From balancing your career and home life to saving for and buying a house, expenses can be high and income can be unstable. Now’s the time to lay the groundwork for a strong financial future by developing healthy financial practices.

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Photo of a mother and father with their daughter as the think about retirement.

These are the peak earning years for many but expenses related to ailing parents and children planning to attend or attending post-secondary education can eat away at savings.  As retirement approaches and the nest starts to empty, now is the time to focus on your desired retirement lifestyle and the savings required to achieve it.

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Photo of two elderly woman and an elderly man practicing meditation.

It’s important to ensure that you won’t outlive your retirement savings. Managing expenses and income are critical now. This is also the time to think about the legacy you want to leave, whether you wish to simply cover your final expenses or to leave something for loved ones.

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