10 Money Saving Tips

Photo of a man cutting vegetables on the counter and looking at a tablet.

Managing your cash flow, while starting out, can be challenging. You don’t always have a steady stream of income and unexpected expenses can seemingly pop up out of nowhere. One way to better manage the stress is to get a handle on your expenses. These tips will not only help you save a little here and there, they’ll help you change and improve your lifestyle.

10 Money Saving Tips:

  1. Live with roommates. It's a good way to maintain some independence without paying the high cost for a place of your own. Having roommates gives you the freedom you crave, yet allows you to share expenses on rent, utilities, etc.
  2. Ditch the car. Owning a car is expensive. Besides the initial cost of the car, there’s also the cost of maintenance (oil changes, etc.), gas, insurance, license plate sticker renewals and repairs. Use public transportation, ride a bike or walk instead.
  3. Avoid eating at restaurants and getting take-out. Restaurant and take-out meals can really add up in a hurry. If you pick up dinner 4 times a week at an average of $8 a meal and eat at a restaurant every 2 weeks at an average of $25 a meal, that’s a total of $178 a month. At the end of the year you’ll have spent $2,136!
  4. Grocery shop with a list. Start by creating a plan of what you’re going to eat for the week. Then write your grocery list based on the ingredients you’ll need to make your meals. You should also keep a running list of any essentials you need. For example, when you open the last of something, put it on your list. A list will not only ensure that you have what you need to make meals; it will stop you from impulse shopping.
  5. Cancel your cable TV subscription. Consider using Youtube, iTunes and Netflix instead.
  6. Stop making long distance phone calls. Use free communication tools like Skype and FaceTime.
  7. Buy second-hand. From textbooks to furniture, there are deals to be had for everything, so keep your eyes peeled. Buying used from sites like Kijiji can offer huge savings.
  8. Sleep on it. Impulse buys can easily break the bank. If there’s a pricey item you think you need, take a deep breath, think about your budget and sleep on it. You’ll make a much more informed decision tomorrow.
  9. Drop the gym membership. Exercise outdoors or at home.
  10. Use the library. Borrow books, movies, music, etc. from your local library