Open Variable Rate Mortgage

This mortgage interest rate fluctuates with the prime rate while payments remain the same. If prime goes down, more of your payment is applied to the mortgage. If prime increases, more goes to the interest. You can also pay off some, or all, of your mortgage at any time, for no additional cost.

Features and benefits

  • Interest rate varies with the KCU prime rate but your payments remain the same
  • You can switch to a fixed-rate mortgage or make additional payments any time with no penalty
  • Available on conventional or insured mortgages
  • Cut years off your mortgage by increasing your payments at any time

Mortgage Rates

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How to Apply

You can apply for a Kawartha Credit Union mortgage online or at your local branch.

You can also contact a Kawartha Credit Union Mobile Representative to discuss mortgage options and receive personalized mortgage advice. Our specialists will travel to meet you at your home, office, or any other convenient location. Find a mortgage specialist in your area.