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Board Elections

    Board Elections

    The process for seeking candidates for our Board of Directors is currently closed. The next candidate recruitment process will open in August 2024. Please refer to the details below regarding our Board of Directors and the election process, which will take place from January 26 – February 9, 2024.

    The Role of the Board and the Nominating Committee

    Our Board governs our strategic direction and ensures that Kawartha is managed effectively. Special committees fulfill certain duties of the Board, and one of these is the Nominating Committee. It is the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to recruit candidates (or nominees) to ensure that Kawartha has qualified governance of our Credit Union. The Nominating Committee verifies that each nominee has the competencies required to be a Director, including audit and compliance oversight, Board and CEO performance, credit union operations, financial literacy, governance and ethics, leadership, regulatory environment, risk management oversight, and strategic planning.


    The Role of a Director

    The role of a credit union Director in today's environment is demanding and complex. Stakeholders (including regulators) require more from Directors than in the past, and consequently the Director's role is both rewarding and challenging.

    Directors of Kawartha Credit Union are required to have a broad range of knowledge, depth of experience and support the values and focus of the organization. An honorarium is provided.



    Kawartha has nine Director positions and will have three vacancies for the 2024 election. Candidates must be equipped with the qualifications outlined in the Information Package for Nominees. In 2024, there is particular interest in qualified candidates with expertise in audit and compliance/financial literacy, regulatory environment, risk management and strategic planning.

    Assessment Process and Voting in the Election

    Candidates submitted their nomination papers on or before the November 30th deadline and the Nominating Committee is in the assessment/selection stage of the process to determine the best qualified candidates for the 2024 Election. The names of the candidates who will be running for election will be posted near the end of December.

    Voting will be conducted through online banking (including mobile app and mobile web) from 9:00 a.m. on January 26 to 5:00 p.m. on February 9, 2024. Members may also vote in our branches (on request).

    Successful candidates will be announced in February and at our Annual General Meeting on March 27, 2024. All nominees will be notified of the results prior to the Annual General Meeting.

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