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The role of a credit union Director in today's environment is demanding and complex. Stakeholders (including regulators) require more from Directors than in the past, and consequently the Director's role is both rewarding and challenging.

Directors of Kawartha Credit Union are required to have a broad range of knowledge, depth of experience, and support the values and focus of the organization.

Our Board of Directors represents Kawartha Credit Union’s members and ensures that the credit union has effective governance, management and solid business strategies.

Members elect Directors annually, and each member has one vote. The Board then appoints Directors to serve on various committees.


Nancy Herr

Elected in 2016

Allison Chenier

Vice Chair
Elected in 2019

Jeff Carter

Director, Corporate Secretary
Nominating Committee Chair
Elected in 2019

Paul Ayotte

Audit Committee Chair
Elected in 2015

Harvey Spry

Governance Committee Chair
Elected in 2000

Bob Lake

Human Resources Committee Chair
Elected in 2021

Thomas Gregoriades

Elected in 2023

Colin McKeen

Elected in 2023

Mary McGee

Elected in 2023
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