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Commercial Lending Solutions

Flexible lending solutions at competitive rates 

Commercial Loan

Financing to assist your business with the purchase of a new property or to renovate and expand existing premises. Financing is available for income generating properties, multi-residential units, plazas, shopping and retail centres, office buildings and industrial buildings.

  • A full range of competitive rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Options are available depending on the type of real estate and repayment capability

Operating Line of Credit

Similar to our personal line of credit, our commercial operating line of credit allows you to draw on your chequing account to an agreed limit. With a line of credit, your business can borrow what is needed, when it’s needed. Interest is charged only on the portion of the line of credit actually used and interest costs are reduced when you deposit funds to pay down your line of credit.

  • Directly linked to your Business 1 Account
  • Allows immediate access to credit should balance fluctuate into negative
  • Interest payable monthly, if applicable

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