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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Guideline for Consumer Lending

Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.


MORTGAGES (all property registrations)                                                                       

Re-advance Fee                                                                                    $250.00
Discharge fee $300.00
Building mortgage fee $500.00
Bridge financing fee $500.00
Transfer of mortgage to another financial institution $300.00
Partial discharge processing fee $250.00
Postponement processing fee $250.00

CLOSING COSTS FOR REGISTERING A MORTGAGE                                             

Appraisal fee (as charged by appraiser) Min. $150.00
First Canadian Title Property Registration Fee Min. $463.95
Legal fees (closing costs determined by lawyer) Est. $900.00


Small loan fee (under $5000) $100.00
Chattel fee (per application) $75.00

LATE PAYMENT (10 days past due, each occurrence)                                                   

Weekly payment $2.50
Bi-weekly payment $5.00
Monthly payment $10.00

CHEQUE/AUTOMATIC TRANSFER WHICH IS RETURNED                                              

Non-sufficient funds $45.00

ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNT TO COLLECTION DEPARTMENT                                      

Occurs at 30 days past due $50.00
Issuance of a Final Demand Letter $100.00
Filing of a Wage Assignment $100.00
Repossession of Chattel $200.00
Commencement of Power of Sale proceedings
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