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Mobile Text Banking


Did you know KCU offers Mobile Text Banking?

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Mobile Text Banking provides access to your accounts in real-time. Simply send a text message to your account and receive a quick response on:

  • Account balances(s)
  • Recent transaction history
  • KCU contact information
  • Service management

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your personal information is secure. Only your account balance or recent activity is transmitted. Even if you lose your phone, no one can make changes, access your accounts, or access personal and financial details. Cancelling the text banking option is quick and easy if needed.

Registering for Mobile Text Banking

Getting started with Mobile Text Banking is easy. To start you need access to online banking. Your local branch or our Contact Centre (1-855-670-0510) can get you set up. Then you can follow these 4 easy steps to get started.   

  1. Log in to your online banking account
  2. Click on ‘Account Services’ tab in the left hand navigation, and select ‘Add/Modify Mobile Banking’
  3. Review the User Agreement and click ‘I Agree’
  4. Follow the prompts and enter your mobile phone information

It’s that easy!


Common Mobile Text Banking Commands

Once you have signed up for Mobile Text Banking, text message any of the following commands to 66639 (MONEY). A few seconds later, you'll receive the requested information on your cell phone.




Account activity on your primary account

ACT <account nickname>

Account activity of a specific account


Balance on your primary account


Balances on all of your accounts

BAL <account nickname>

Balance of a specific account


Temporarily disable your phone


List of all of the commands you can use


Kawartha Credit Union contact information


Permanently remove mobile banking service from your mobile phone

You can save the short code 66639 in your phone for quick and easy access. You can even save your text messages and simply resend for future use.

Mobile text banking access outside of Canada

This service is designed to work on cell phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. If your cell provider has a roaming agreement with a foreign country, you can expect Mobile Banking to work (additional fees may be charged by your mobile carrier). However, please note that service outside of Canada is on a best-efforts basis only.

Misplaced, lost, or stolen phone?  

If you've temporarily misplaced your mobile phone, you can disable Kawartha Direct Mobile Services by visiting the Preference pages in the online banking platform. If your phone has been lost or stolen, follow your mobile carrier’s recommended procedures. You have the option to remove access to Kawartha Direct Mobile Banking by visiting the preference pages in the online banking platform. 
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