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Pay yourself first

Saving a small amount each week or even each month will add up to big savings over time. With each pay, put aside an amount you’re comfortable with…think of it as paying yourself first. Our Automatic Savings Plan makes it easy to put aside regular fixed-dollar contributions.
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Dollar-cost averaging

By investing smaller amounts over time (known as dollar-cost averaging), you prioritize your savings AND lower your average investment costs.
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Compounding interest

When it comes to investing, time is on your side as a result of compound interest.  Your savings will grow as interest is generated on your deposits.

The right solution for you

There are many options to help you save your money. RRSPs, TFSAs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds…and so on. Our financial experts can help you find the savings solutions that are right for you and your lifestyle. Let’s get started building your wealth.


BIG impact tomorrow.

No one can accurately predict the future, and with various products, savings vehicles, market fluctuations and your changing needs, just getting started can be overwhelming. With an Automatic Savings Plan you will start to position yourself financially for whatever your future holds. Make sure time is on your side. Let's get started today. 


"I get accurate and considerate advice and direction for money matters and investing." 

Mark, Bancroft

"I have done business with Kawartha for 6 years and I've found their staff to be incredibly helpful in recommending TFSA, RRSP, and investments as well as helping with my daily banking needs."  

Guy, Kingston

"Kawartha has convenient locations, easy to access ATMs, and is a secure place to keep your money. They offer good advice to help us save for the future."  

Justin, Peterborough
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