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    Kawartha Credit Union receives Living Wage Employer certification

    In June 2023, Kawartha Credit Union received the Living Wage Employer certification from the Ontario Living Wage Network. In contrast to minimum wage, which is the legislated minimum all employers must pay as set by the provincial government, a living wage reflects an income that a worker must bring home to meet their basic living needs and participate more fully in life, work, and community. The calculation factors in local expenses, such as housing costs, childcare, transportation, and food.

    “The Ontario Living Wage Network is pleased to welcome Kawartha Credit Union to the list of over 600 certified living wage employers in Ontario. It is fantastic to see employers implement changes to ensure that their employees are earning a steady and reliable living wage. Paying a living wage is a tremendous expression of respect for individual workers, their families, and the communities where they live," says Craig Pickthorne, Communications Coordinator with the OLWN.

    Having this designation connects well with Kawartha’s company values of integrity and care for others as well as the commitment we make to our employees. Beyond it being the right thing to do, Kawartha’s commitment includes ensuring employees are treated with respect and that they work in a safe and fulfilling environment. Organizations with a Living Wage designation benefit from increased employee loyalty and satisfaction, and local communities and economies realize many benefits as well.

    “Being recognized as a Living Wage Employer is a big accomplishment for Kawartha and our 340 employees. We are proud that we have this designation as it supports our commitment to be socially responsible and demonstrates that we treat our employees with respect, care, and have their best interests at heart,” says Norah McCarthy, President and CEO of Kawartha Credit Union.

    Nancy Herr, Chair of Kawartha’s Board of Directors adds, “Becoming a Living Wage Employer aligns well with our values, culture, and purpose. Our employees are critical in helping us achieve our purpose of supporting the financial success and well-being of our members and our communities. Being a Living Wage Employer will also help us support our employees’ financial well-being now, and in the future.”

    Visit the Ontario Living Wage Network's website to learn more about living wage initiatives in Ontario.
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