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Member Notices


    Welcome to our new website and online banking site!

    Kawartha Credit Union’s members will soon enjoy a new and improved online/mobile banking experience. When you visit our website or log into online banking or our mobile app on or after May 11, you will notice a bright, modern look and simpler navigation to banking options, tools, calculators and resources. While the way you do your banking will not change, the look and feel will be different and you may have some questions. We have addressed some common inquiries below:

    The first step in the transition was to update our mobile apps for iOS and Android which are now available. If your device is set to “automatic updates” for apps, this will happen automatically. If not, you will need to visit the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android), search the Kawartha Credit Union app, and tap to install. Once our new public website and online banking sites launch on May 11, members who have not yet updated the mobile app will need to visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to get the new version of the app.

    Please note: we do not recommend uninstalling the current app and reinstalling the new one as any saved login information may be lost. For the best experience, simply visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to update the new version of the app.

    Many of Kawartha’s members use online and mobile banking to do their day-to-day banking. We have invested in improving your online banking experience to better meet your needs.
    Our new website will maintain the same address:
    The login button is now green, but it will still be located at the top right corner of our website. It will appear in this location on all pages of our website, even as your scroll.

    The login page will continue to be as it is today.
    You will not experience any changes to your login information for online banking or the mobile app.
    All of the online and mobile banking functions will remain the same, but the look, location and colour of navigation buttons and labels may be different. The following image shows how information will be displayed when you log in to online banking:

    E-transfers are one of the most common banking transactions and the way you currently use them will remain the same but the colours and buttons will look a bit different. To send an e-Transfer, you would look to the left navigation menu, click on the ‘Transfers’ button and then select ‘Send via INTERAC e-Transfer’. Then, follow the prompts and fill out the form as you would before. The Left menu offers the same options, in the same order as before.

    Our new Android and iOS apps will launch in a week or two. They will have a refreshed look and feel, but the functionality will remain the same.

    Until the new apps launch, our mobile apps will continue to function as usual.

    There will be no impact to existing bill payees or e-transfer recipients. These details will remain in place, including nicknames that you have assigned to your accounts.
    We do not anticipate any service interruptions when we launch our new website and mobile app but it is a good idea to have your Login ID (MemberCard or Access Only Card Number) available and know your Password (Personal Access Code / PAC) when logging in for the first time. If you have not yet enrolled in 2-step verification, you will be required to do so prior to accessing the new online banking experience.
    Have questions or need help?

    Visit your local branch or reach out to our Contact Centre
    at 1-855-670-0510 or
    Contact Us: 1-855-670-0510
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