Becoming a Member

Enjoy the products and services of Kawartha Credit Union by becoming a member of your community credit union. All that is required to become a member is the opening of a Membership Equity Shares Account, which are your voting shares in the credit union. This makes you a member-owner and allows you to voice your opinions in the running of Kawartha Credit Union.

At Kawartha We Put Members First

The fundamental operating principle of Kawartha Credit Union is democratic ownership. Every adult member has 5 membership shares and one vote in the decision making process. All members, therefore are equal owners, regardless of the size of their deposits.

Wide Range of Products and Services

We offer a wide range of financial products and services at competitive rates with flexible options. Our formula for success is simple...great service, great rates, and great products. We have twenty-five friendly branches and for your convenience, we offer ATM's and 24 hour telephone, online and mobile access.

We are also affiliated with Interac network and MasterCard International.

We Put Service Into Financial Services

Our focus is on the people who have made us what we are today. We believe that you deserve the personal friendly service that goes along with our great products. Thanks to over 50,000 members, we have been able to invest our earnings back into the communities we serve.

Community Dividend

An important component of Kawartha's Community Involvement Program is the Community Dividend, which was established in 1998 by our membership. The Community Dividend is an annual donation equal to the value of a 5% dividend on membership shares. Rather than paying $1.25 to each member, the equivalent amount is donated to a worthy project that is considered fundamental to the well being of the communities we serve. The best part is, as membership grows, so does the Community Dividend!

Peace of Mind

Kawartha Credit Union is insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario providing deposit insurance coverage of up to $100,000. For a complete outline of deposit insurance coverage ask for a brochure at any branch or click on the link above.