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Prime Base Rate Rates
Kawartha Credit Union Prime 3.95%
Foreign Exchange Rate (Rates effective 2019-07-17) Member Buying Member Selling
United States (Dollar) 1.335 1.283
Special Offer: Convertible 32 Month Deposit Special * (Rates effective 2019-07-04) Rates
Non-registered or RRSP / RRIF / TFSA eligible (minimum investment $500) 2.30%

* Flexible Convertibility option: If Kawartha Credit Union GIC interest rates go up, you can convert to another GIC with a minimum 36-month term. Original term cannot be broken prior to 90 days. Cannot convert to another Convertible GIC.

Special Offer - Residential Mortgage Special (Rates effective 2019-07-04) Rates
4 year fixed rate (some restrictions apply) 3.54%
5 year fixed rate (new purchases only, some restrictions apply) 2.94%
5 year fixed rate (some restrictions apply) 2.99%